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Going on into the third year of abnormality for our species? Not really. We had to deal with small pox and polio pandemics in the past. Science helped humanity ward off total calamity with those diseases by the development of effective vaccines. Mandated vaccines, like seat belts, helped reduce pain and suffering for most of the population. But that was back in the day when scientists, health administrators, and safety experts had political and rational support. In the name of 'freedom' have we gone back to the selfish concept of 'everyman for himself'? There is such a long list of anti-vax influencers and politicians that have died during this period that this year's Darwin Awards will be much longer than usual.

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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

We are in a pandemic panic.

This pandemic has been a long time coming and despite warnings and global planning to safeguard the world - poor leadership has once again let us down. So nature will take out the dead wood like a severe storm. We will mourn our losses, hope for the best, and as always - move on. Survival depends on so many factors beyond our control. But adaptability has been our species' most important trait for the last million plus years. Our ancestors have endured other pandemics and catastrophic earth changes - that is why you are here today, your predecessors fulfilled the biological imperative - 'survive and reproduce'.

Carry on.

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