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     A Free Chapter From TheBook!

This first book is divided into six parts. If you honor me by joining my mailing list, I will send you a chapter of your choice from any section.

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Part 1  -  Mexico 1965

Chapter One 'Going South of the Border'

Chapter Two 'Pot Head U"

Chapter Three 'Rules of the Road'

Chapter Four 'When Pigs Fly'

Chapter Five  'Off to New Heights  - Popo'

Chapter Six 'Christmas in Mexico City'


Part  2 - California 1969


Chapter Seven  'Retire First'

Chapter Eight  'Going Expat'

Part 3  -  Baja California 1969.

Chapter Nine  'The Road to Mulege'

Chapter Ten    'Mulege and the Prison'

Part 4  -  Utila 1970-76

Chapter Eleven   'The Bahia Lodge'

Chapter Twelve   'The Bucket Brigade'

Chapter Thirteen   'Saturday Nights'

Chapter Fourteen   'See-Eye-Eh'

Chapter Fifteen  'Finger Wrestling at the Bucket of Blood'

Chapter Sixteen   The Altamula'

Chapter Seventeen  'The Road to Pumpkin Hill'

Chapter Eighteen   'UFOs and Hurricane Camille'

Chapter Nineteen    'Horsing Around'

Chapter Twenty   'Jail Time'

Chapter Twenty-One   'Island Embassy'

Chapter Twenty-Two     'Island Generosity'

Chapter Twenty-Three   'Roatan Prison'

Chapter Twenty-Four     'King of the Hill'

Chapter Twenty-Five      'Earthquake!'

Part 5  -  Central America 1969-79

Chapter Twenty-Six  'Taking Names at the Border'

Chapter Twenty-Seven   'The Soccer War'

Chapter Twenty-Eight    'The Banana Train'

Chapter Twenty-Nine     'Road Hazards and Night Mares' 

Chapter Thirty   'Honduras Safari Tours'

Chapter Thirty-One 'The White House and John Glenn'

Chapter Thirty-Two   'Hurricane Fifi'

Chapter Thirty-Three  'Expats and Going Native'

Chapter Thirty-Four    'One for the Birds'

Chapter Thirty-Five    'Serendipity and the Serpent'

Chapter Thirty-Six    'The Calpules Zoo'

Chapter Thirty-Seven     'The Showdown'

Chapter Thirty-Eight      'The Murder Contract''

Chapter Thirty-Nine       'The Tarantula Itch'

Chapter Forty     'Plane Crazy'

Chapter Forty-One   'Sandanistas and Flying Bikes'

Chapter Forty-Two  'Wild Ride in El Salvador'

Chapter Forty-Three  'The Parrot Bust'

Chapter Forty-Four   'Shrimp Pirates'

Chapter Forty-Five   'Matamoros and Pancho Villa'

Chapter Forty-Six   'Something Fishy'

Chapter Forty-Seven   'The Pot Bust'

Chapter Forty-Eight    'Venoms I Have Known'



Part 6  - Florida Based  1978-88


Chapter Forty-Nine   'Flight of the Parrots'

Chapter Fifty   'Sunshine Botanicals'

Chapter Fifty-One    'Return to Paradise'

Chapter Fifty-Two   'The Show Must Go On'

Chapter Fifty-Three   'Guatemala Adventure'

Chapter Fifty-Four   'The Airport Bombing'

Chapter Fifty-Five   'Key Largo Fiasco'

Chapter Fifty-Six    'Puerto Rico Adventures'

Chapter Fifty-Seven  'Dealing With the DMV'

Chapter Fifty-Eight   'Puerto Rican Thanksgiving'

Chapter Fifty-Nine    'Back to the Future'

Chapter Sixty    'The Texas Itch'

Chapter Sixty-One    'Here Comes the Marines'

Chapter Sixty-Two    'Hooray for Hollywood!'

Chapter Sixty-Three     'Partner For Life'

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