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The first ebook of our 'Blue Zen Memoirs' series is now available on Work has started on the second volume and should be finished this year.

Blue Zen Memoirs


For some readers, this will be a trip down memory lane. For most it will be an opportunity to share unique adventures with someone that has always had an insatiable curiosity about exotic people, places, and the fauna and flora in the tropics. Success and failure often have the same value when you set your own challenges, and your most important goal is to learn and grow - and we never want to stop learning. Volume one covers the years from 1965 to 1988.

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Blue Zen Memoirs
Volume Two

This second volume picks up where we left off in the first book. But now the adventures continue with a very important change - I share the adventures with my partner in life, Barbara. Like everything else we do, we wrote this book together and enjoyed reliving an exciting period in our lives, living and working in exotic places. Volume Two spans the years from 1988 to that fateful year 2001, when the world changed - for everyone. 

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